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Standing Up for Love by Arianne Piojo

Although I am not able to comprehend what it is like to be in any of your shoes, I want you all to know that each one of you inspires me, and that each of your kids is so special to me.

Whether I have had them as a patient, had the chance to meet them at Camp Everest or a Neurosurgery Kids Fund event, or have heard their story, your child has taught me true courage, bravery, strength, grace and patience. Their ability to smile right after having an IV or some painful procedure is mind-boggling to me. Their selflessness to ask, “How are you?” or “Are you ok? Why are you crying?” right after they wake up from a major surgery makes me wonder who’s taking care of whom.

Their carefree nature of walking to the beach (the beach inside the Stollery, that is) with lines attached to them and an IV pole on each side is crazy to me and makes me smile now as I picture it. Their ability to show love either by holding your hand or giving you some cuddles when their head is pounding so much they can barely breathe is truly inspiring. I believe that all of these things mostly come from having amazing parents like you.


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