Registration will open in Spring 2023. Please check back in the spring or follow the Neurosurgery Kids Fund Facebook page for more information.

Welcome to Camp Everest 2023. The following information will help you gain an idea of what to expect at camp and how to plan for your time away from home! Please check back frequently for any changes or updates!


All selected campers will be contacted by Lori Bliss for transportation information leading up to camp.

Email questions about transportation to

Thank you!


This year’s theme is NKF Around the World. Camp Everest is all about FUN and inclusion! We value teamwork and are sure to have a ton of laughs throughout the competitions!

All of the activities will accommodate to each child’s capabilities because having fun is our goal!


There will be three hot meals served per day specially provided for our camp in the cafeteria. It will buffet style and any food sensitivities or allergies should be mentioned on the application form so we can accommodate your needs. Latex precautions will be observed for all of our campers. Snacks are provided throughout the day as well as ongoing water and juice.

Please click here to download an example of the menu.


All of the staff coordinating and running Camp Everest are volunteers. Most of them are healthcare professionals, such as the nurses and doctors from the Stollery, as well as teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists and more. All of our volunteers have a desire to make this a fun-filled weekend for our campers. We have a large group of counsellors coming out for the weekend. There will be two camp nurses dedicated to attend to any of the medical situations and give assistance with personal care as needed.


All of the campers will be staying in large girls and boys dormitory style rooms with single beds. Please bring your own bedding as it is not provided (pillow, sleeping bag or fitted sheet, and blanket). Please bring two towels (one for swimming and one for showers). There are two roll-in shower stalls and three regular stalls in each of the girls and boys dorms. A commode is available for showering in each of the dorms.

Please send only travel size shampoos/conditioners etc as space is limited. Camp Everest will provide sunscreen and insect repellent, so there is no need to pack it.


  • All information regarding patient history and medications will be managed by our head nurse.
  • A CAMP NURSE (in a designated T-shirt) will be at Bus drop off, & Camp drop off to receive all medications, medical devices (i.e CPAP machines, feed pumps), and feeds. These items are to be handed to a designated Camp Nurse ONLY. Once your camper’s acceptance is confirmed, you will be CONTACTED by the Head Nurse with further instructions.
  • A MED FORM will be sent to you by our camp nurse PRIOR to camp. It is important to follow ALL INSTRUCTIONS once your child’s acceptance is confirmed.


Please clearly label ALL of your bags and belongings, including clothing, toiletries, and bedding. This way we can ensure that all of your belongings are put in the correct dorm room when you arrive, as well as come home with you when you leave. Please do not bring more than two bags per camper. Forgotten items left at Camp HeHoHA are your responsibility to go back and retrieve as they will not ship items via mail.

Camp Everest is not responsible for any lost or stolen items so please do not send anything valuable.


ALL Campers will need to bring their own:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow/pillowcase
  • Optional: flat sheet
  • Towels (2)

We hope that you are excited to come to Camp Everest 2022, and thank you for your support. Hopefully the sunshine is plentiful and the mosquitoes few during our weekend away!


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